Current Legislation

Repeal Legislation:
On March 9, 2005 Representative Barney Frank introduced the Removing Impediments to Student Education (RISE) Act, H.R. 1184 which, if enacted, would fully repeal the Higher Education Act (HEA) Drug Provision. So far, it has gained 63 co-sponsors.

To commemorate the introduction of this important legislation CHEAR hosted a press conference on Capitol Hill on March 10. At the conference, we had many Congressman and others from supporting organizations speak. Find out all about it on our Press Conference page.

CHEAR is currently working to introduce a companion bill in the Senate.

Other bills:
On February 14, 2005, Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-MA) introduced S371, a higher education bill, that would repeal the Drug Provision of the HEA, with the support of six co-sponsors. Read it here. Refer to page 51 for the Drug Provision (pdf).

Rep. John Conyers has also confirmed that he will be including reentry legislation that includes a "judicial discretion" amendment to the HEA Drug Provision. If enacted the change would mean that the Drug Provision can only affect students if mandated by a judge at sentencing. This is language that CHEAR has been encouraging Congress to include in different pieces of legislation for several months.

State Legislation:
CHEAR is also working with several state legislatures to introduce resolutions calling on Congress to repeal the Drug Provision or pass a bill that will de-link state financial aid from the federal system so that victims of the Drug Provision can still apply for state aid.

  • On March 3, the Rhode Island General Assembly introduced a bill that if enacted will fully compensate each student
    denied federal financial aid due to a prior drug conviction in the amount they would have otherwise received.
    • Read about it here (pdf)
  • On February 3, 2005 the Arizona General Assembly introduced a resolution that will call on Congress to repeal the Higher Education Drug Provision.


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